Desirable Features

Desirable Features

Flight Time and Battery Price:

Long flight time is most important part of a Drone. It is very much uncomfortable to stop flying before you want for being lack of battery. Your flight time vary from around 5 to 30 minutes. It really gives you a great advantage to fly a long range and far away as well. It is possible only when you have the extra battery power. Scarcity of extra batteries, short flight time limits your enjoyment of your drone. You have to keep extra batteries so that you can change with new when one runs low. More feature and expensive drone kill more battery. You can’t prepare batteries of your drone thoroughly, because maximum flight time depends on how many charged batteries you can take with you. So you have to consider extra batteries cost when you prepare to buy a drone.


Almost every drone have the camera, some are optional to install. Camera qualities are depending on drone price. Expensive drone have the high quality camera to capturing higher quality picture and video from sky. So the camera quality and specifications might be a great considerable things when you choosing a drone to buy.


Drone range depends on where you want to use your drone for. The beginner drone ranges go from about 55 to 110 yards, and up to 3 miles for the most advanced drones. In racing or capture high quality footage you have to use a long range drone and for a hobby drone it is not vital to have a long range.

Return Home Button:

This feature is very important to safe back home of a flying drone. Just simply press a button and it came back to you itself. More costly drone will have better return home features like this. GPS has not needed for this feature, it simply go backwards when you press the button. So make sure to do it in headless mode to get back your drone.


Gimbals are essential to producing professional looking videos. It protects your footage from being all weird. If you are not skilled enough then your footage look like shaky and tilted. You have to maintain a level flying to capture smooth footage. Gimbal helps to move your drone in different direction without corrupted capturing.

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